3 causes of dyed hair discoloration

3 causes of dyed hair discoloration
3 causes of dyed hair discoloration

What is the dream of the owners of a dyed hair? . A hair with a healthy keratin structure can retain the hue for a long time without losing it in intensity and shine. What are the causes of discoloration? . This is triggered by the action of UV rays, which causes damage to keratin, the basic protein of hair. 2 - Hair is hygroscopic, absorbs and loses moisture. When we wash it, it absorbs water, grows in diameter, making it more sensitive and prone to damage and loss of color molecules of the hair dye.

3 - UV rays react directly to the hair and involve negative consequences on it. Together with other factors, such as chlorine in water, heat input from styling and drying appliances, as well as salty sea water, contribute to the loss of color pigments. How can we protect the dyed hair so the color lasts longer? . In addition to the shampoo and hair conditioner, it uses at least once a week a special hair treatment such as Billaliance mask from Wella Professionals or Color Save Bi-Phase Conditioner from System Professional - a leave-in spray that protects in a way .


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