Good or bad skin treatments in the hot season

Good or bad skin treatments in the hot season
Good or bad skin treatments in the hot season

You already know that the pleasant rays of the sun are packed with certain prohibitions on what creams we can apply to the skin or cosmetic treatments that are totally forbidden during this period. Read carefully and exclude those who put your skin in jeopardy! . But the prospect of approaching the warm season has made me think not only about the magic moments of holiday but also about skin care. And not in photoprotection and moisturizing, but what you can (or not) put in summer on your skin. And as I like the information directly from the source, I ran to my favorite dermatologist, Dr. .

Ioana Silvia Simian, Avon specialist and doctor at Victor BabeĊŸ Treatment Center. We have found out how important it is to help the skin also from inside by consuming antioxidants (especially lycopene-containing tomatoes, antioxidants that reduce the negative effects of UV radiation), and externally with facial treatments with vitamin C due to its ability to limit . We also made a list of certain treatments that should be avoided or made only under certain conditions. Peelings Therefore, so-called aesthetic procedures Dark skin (photo-3-6) has an increased risk of pigmentation. Microdermabrasion I remind you that microdermabrasion reduces hyperpigmentation, acne lesions (especially retentions: white, black spots) in combination with the treatments recommended by the doctor.

Attention to these, Likewise, creams that contain isotretinoin, tretinoin or systemic treatment with these derivatives. Ultimate hair removal Say no to laser treatment, Dr. . Ioana Silvia Simian recommended that after the epilation we apply soothing creams and protect the area from the impact of solar radiation. In epilated areas, due to local irritation, there is a risk of hyperpigmentation.

Aaa, and because I was still interested in the subject, I found out she was free of injections with fillers or botox! . .

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