Is it dangerous or not to refreeze meat after thawing it?

Is it dangerous or not to refreeze meat after thawing it?
Is it dangerous or not to refreeze meat after thawing it?

Surely you have happened to take out a package of meat from the freezer to cook something, but in the meantime you changed your mind and wanted to put meat back in the freezer. But how safe is this process for health? . Fresh meat can spoil quite quickly, so many people choose to freeze it. This process is a great way to preserve meat, fish, vegetables and fruit for the long term. However, experts say that once these products have been thawed it is not advisable to refreeze them. First, they will lose their texture and taste unpleasant.

However, you may be wondering if meat can be refrozen more than once. There may come a time when you thaw frozen meat and then decide not to cook it anymore. Also read: How many months can pork, chicken and beef be kept in the freezer In this case, it is safe to refreeze the meat, as long as it has been properly thawed and stored in the refrigerator, not at room temperature. If done correctly, refreezing meat does not pose any health risks, experts say, healthline writes. Read also: The 8 foods that can be refrozen, if you thawed them and changed your mind First of all, you need to make sure that the cuts of meat have been packed correctly, before they are refrozen.

As a general rule, meat can be refrozen as long as: If you have fish that you want to refreeze, you should know that this is not exactly healthy. That's why it's better to eat the fish as soon as you thaw it. It is also not recommended to take it out of the vacuumed packaging in which it was sold because contact with oxygen favors the appearance of bacteria. .

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