Why early puberty occurs in girls: symptoms, favors, diagnosis and treatment

Why early puberty occurs in girls: symptoms, favors, diagnosis and treatment
Why early puberty occurs in girls: symptoms, favors, diagnosis and treatment

Parents become concerned when they notice pubertal signs in children. However, many children who have early puberty do not require treatment. The first menstrual period in a girl's life is called menarh, and the mean age of appearance is 12 years. When signs of puberty (breasts and pubic hair) occur before 8 years, and menarha before 9 years, we face an early puberty. Today. the age of menarche is decreasing, which is worrying.

In the 19th century, the average age of the first menstruation was 17 years, and in the middle of the 20th century 13-14 years. Gynecologist Erna Stoian explains to CSID what are the factors that lead to early puberty when analyzes are needed and which can be treatment. Prize puberty appears to be linked to the increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and even cancer (during adulthood). Types of early puberty: Early puberty is the most common. The process is identical to normal puberty, but it appears earlier.

The pituitary gland begins to secrete sexually pituitary hormones that stimulate the ovaries to produce estrogen. They are responsible for the appearance of secondary sexual signs, such as breast development. Rarely, central early puberty is caused by a medical condition: brain tumors, brain trauma, or a brain infection such as meningitis or encephalitis. Early peripheral puberty or pseudopubertation is very rare. Sex hormones, in the case of estrogen females, trigger symptoms, the brain and the pituitary are not involved.

It is usually caused by a disease located in the ovary - the ovary, adrenal gland, or severe hypothyroidism. Favorable factors: Female sex is 10 times more prone to present early central puberty. The genetic factor. The risk increases if parents and brothers have had early puberty. The black race is more prone.

Obesity increases the risk, especially in girls. When fat is in excess, there may be an increased secretion of estrogen, which promotes the appearance of early puberty. Some studies show that the higher the body index at the age of 3, the greater the risk. Exposure of the child or mother during pregnancy to estrogen-containing or estrogen-containing chemicals. Although the effects of certain substances are difficult to measure, several southers show that phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), DDT, dioxin or polychlorinated biphenyl compounds interfere with sex hormone secretion.

Also, the presence of growth hormones in certain products, as well as poultry meat, dairy products, may be a cause of early puberty, but also the decrease in the age of first menstruation. Low vitamin D levels. Early puberty can cause both physical and emotional problems for children: Small stature. Sex hormones block growth. Without treatment, the adult height is only 1.

5 m in the case of girls Behavioral problems: socialization problems, lack of interest in school, self-mistrust, depression, eating disorders, alcohol or drugs. This is due to the inconsistency between emotional and physical development. Children feel embarrassed by the physical changes they are crossing, so they feel different from their colleagues of the same age. Early onset of sexual life. Multiple sexual partners.

Increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Increased stress, puberty may be confusing, even when it occurs after 12 years. Parental support is absolutely necessary for children with early puberty because they need to be educated about the changes that occur. Prize puberty seems to be related to the increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and even cancer during adulthood. How to diagnose? .

Sometimes, the initial signs may be misleading. Char if your little girl. her breasts developed earlier and pubic hair appeared, diagnosis is not always that of early puberty. The doctor may require hormonal analysis and a fist radiograph to determine bone age. Because early puberty can be caused by serious illness, imaging tests and tests may be required to establish the correct diagnosis.

How is early puberty treated? . If the doctor recommends treatment, it is very important to follow. Generally, gonadotropin analogues that slow pubertal development are administered. .

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