Risks of practicing sports on hot days

Risks of practicing sports on hot days
Risks of practicing sports on hot days

Sporting in high humidity conditions can overload the body, causing: • Muscle cramps caused by high temperatures, usually in people suffering from. • thermal exhaustion, which can lead to nausea, nausea, dizziness,. • caused by air humidity and cooling of the body through sweat. • It is advisable to wear lightweight cotton, avoiding synthetic clothing. In the summer, water should always be sipped with small swallows and its temperature should be between 10-37 degrees without ice in order not to subject the body to. Also, in times of physical overload, for example, it is indicated that sweat-perceived liquids are replaced from 30 to 30 minutes, since as long as a person has more fluid in the body, the body will eliminate it .

If the water is constantly consumed, the body will be adequately hydrated, and the thermoregulation will be performed properly. Patients with diuretic therapy should pay attention to optimal hydration. • Attention! . • Patients suffering from asthma or cardiovascular disease should be advised to avoid crowded and polluted areas. • Cold showers are forbidden immediately after a hard and out-of-the-box effort.

Switching from one temperature to another can damage the body. • Any training starts with light warming, it is not recommended to start a sudden exercise, especially in the summer. • The head should be covered with a cap and recommended. It is also good to apply a moisturizing cream with a protective factor on the face. .

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