10 things that any woman should know about wine

10 things that any woman should know about wine
10 things that any woman should know about wine

Consumed with measure, wine is a liqueur with privileged status: among the few alcoholic beverages with health benefits; . With such records, wine deserves its place in the bag of general culture. Here's what unusual information about wine deserves: With such a large number of vineyards, varieties of grapes and wine cellars in countries like France, Spain, Italy and even Romania, wine is often seen as a beverage of European excellence, but. . . The world's largest consumer of wine, are S.

U. A. , While the first archaeological evidence of wine consumption comes from China, Georgia and Iran. Although alcohol is usually forbidden on the diet, white wine, especially if you are referring to a drink in the evening, contains a quantity of calories that does not change the results of a healthy diet. The level of calories of dry white wine is inferior to that of a drink like champagne and lower than for red wine.

More and more sommelies are women, according to an article published by The Wall Street Journal. This is how things stand, the practice of choosing the wine during dinner in the restaurant has also changed: wine is poured for tasting in both glasses: the man and the woman. In Europe, most varieties of wine are named after their place of origin. Wine producers like territoriality. In fact, this habit has countless advantages because the simple name on the label of a bottle of wine already provides information about the climatic conditions in which the grapes grew, about the soil quality and how the cultural heritage makes its mark on the beverage.

Champagne is actually a wine. . . From the French Champagne region, located in the north of the country. The main grape varieties grown here are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

Wine has health and beauty benefits. The white contains antioxidants, is a good digestive and helps to strengthen the immune system. Red wine has anti-aging properties, protects the kidneys, supports brain development and prevents cataracts. The sweet or sour taste of wine is influenced less by the grape aroma and more by the fermentation process, which can be different from one producer to another. In restaurant offers, wine bottles have a higher quality-price ratio than wine served in the glass and are therefore a more advantageous choice if you go to the table with your girlfriends or boyfriend.

Wine can also be obtained by fermenting various fruit juices - it is actually a drink called cider, produced from currants, cherries, apples or apples. But the grapes are the right fruits to get the wine, as we know it, because it contains the ideal proportions of water, tannin, sugar and acids. With over 30 vineyards and a tradition of millennia in viticulture, Romania ranks 9th in the world with the area planted with vines and 5th in the European Union. Photo source: Jamie Street, Unsplash. .

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