Early signs of Alzheimer's disease

Early signs of Alzheimer's disease
Early signs of Alzheimer's disease

• Memory loss. Keeping old, such as early childhood, is not lost, but the patient diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease no longer remembers things that have happened recently, and these things are actually lost information. • Repetition. Alzheimer's sufferers repeat endless stories, sometimes expressing exactly the same words. They also ask exactly the same questions, even if they have answered the questions very soon. • Forget calendar dates.

There is another alarm signal indicating the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Patients forget the date they were born when they got married, including the date their own baby was born. • Language problems. People with Alzheimer's have the simplest words or, in other words, they can not find their words when they want to say something. • Changes in personality, behavior.

Patients can move from emotional states to states of no explanation, or become suspicious, even with family members. • Decrease attention for your own hygiene. Thus, if the patient did not come out of the unexpired house, he no longer has any interest in the exterior appearance or. • Disorientation. Patients may get lost in the surroundings of the home where they live or may have problems doing normal tasks such as preparing a meal.

• Visual issues. Problems and coordination in space precede Alzheimer's specific memory problems. It is very possible that at the onset of the illness, the affected person presents when driving, climbing or descending the stairs and even when walking simply on the floor. • Inability to make decisions. Disease can reduce the patient's ability to make important decisions, even if he does not know how to manage his money.

• Lack of initiative. Gradually, the patient no longer has an interest in family-related activities, as this disease leads to a diminished patient's interest in any activity involving interaction with other people. .

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