Gastric ring, solution against obesity

Gastric ring, solution against obesity
Gastric ring, solution against obesity

• Silicone gastric ring. Your doctor will fix an adjustable silicone gastric ring that has the role of strangling the stomach in the esophagus area. Liquids can pass into the lower region, but solid foods remain in the first part and bring the feeling of satiety. is laparoscopically mounted. • Gastric bypass. This method involves dividing the stomach into two compartments: one in the continuation and another completely separated.

Foods will occupy the first portion, without going to the other side of the stomach. • Longitudinal gastrectomy or gastric sleeve. Operation involves the stomach being cut along its length, removing its lateral portion from the body, that is, 80% of the stomach reservoir capacity. • Bileo-pancreatic diversion. It is an intervention that is not performed laparoscopically, but is done through classical surgery and is more complicated.

The gastric ring is an inflatable silicone device that is placed around the upper stomach through a goal to ameliorate and treat obesity. Mounting the stomach ring is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Gastric banding is performed with laparoscopic surgery and usually offers reduced hospitalization (1-2 days), rapid recovery, small scars and much less pain than classic surgery. The gastric ring is made of biocompatible materials so that it can remain in the patient's body without suffering it. • It is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that does not involve cutting and is a reversible method because the ring can be easily removed.

• Performing laparoscopically, recovery is easy, does not leave post-operative scars. • The method has the advantage that once done, the patient may lose about 50% of the excess weight. • After leaving hospital, the patient should eat low fat foods and the portions should be small. If he abuses and exaggerates with food, he is likely to have vomiting and nausea. • Fast food should be excluded from the patient's diet, as well as sweets.

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