Inspirational quotes for an optimistic week

Inspirational quotes for an optimistic week
Inspirational quotes for an optimistic week

I personally love the motivational quotes and I think we need them in our lives. Maybe we already know everything we have to do for a better life, but it does not hurt to remind us of something or something every day. Psychologists even recommend to keep in sight, marked on a post-it, the phrase that suits us best and to repeat it every morning and evening. I had been given the \. And it worked as long as I did my own lessons. As we pay attention to personal development books, we should pay more attention to the quotes that come to our attention.

And when I say \. Photo: Shutterstock / Archv Motivational quotes for every day Every day we wake up is a good day. Every breath is full of hope for a better day. Every word is a chance to change something bad in something good. [Walter Mosley] Every day, everything you do best in yourself.

Every day is an opportunity to finish a dream. The sum of many meaningful days is a fulfilled life. [Allan Percy] I'm not afraid of tomorrow, because I saw yesterday and love it today [William Allan White] Learn to always have a smile hidden in the heart. [Father Arsenie Papacioc] The most glorious moments of your life are not the so-called successful days, but the days when, out of depression and discouragement, you feel the call of life for future achievements. [Gustave Flaubert] Optimistic quotes about life Be your own hero.

It's cheaper than a movie ticket. [Doug Horton] The purpose of life is not to be great, rich, powerful, but to keep your soul. [Lev Tolstoy] They will hear many say, \. But, after all, why are you so sure you will live by then? . [Lauren Oliver] Do as much as you can and talk about it as little as you can.

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