The 4 characteristics of true love

The 4 characteristics of true love
The 4 characteristics of true love

I hear so many times that love hurts, that I got it right. More than that, we have shut our souls for fear of suffering. Buddhists have a completely different view. We suffer not because of love, but because of its lack. What causes suffering is a delusion, an illusion we call erroneously, love. Here are the four characteristics of true love, according to Buddhist teachings.

Loving loversHear does not scream, scream, is not nervous. Do not squeeze your hair and do not give up your hands. He does not laugh at you, do not argue, do not bite your finger, nor hinder you. On the contrary, love will always deceive you in loving gentleness. It will make you feel safe, open your soul and look like you are.

Your vulnerability will never be a secret weapon or a boot placed on your neck. Compassion Love will not let you cry in a corner but rush to tear your tears with good words and hugs. It will come from the other corner of the city to bring your umbrella in the car so that it does not rain. It will not disappear from your sudden life, leaving you prey to an endless series of questions and nights without sleep, just because you did not do what she wanted. Anyway, love does not want anything from you.

She just wants to give you. Joy To give you joy and wants to smother you as many smiles. One per second, if possible. Love does not mean heavy talk thrown in the middle of the living room and restless sleep in the other corner of the bed. Neither red eyes nor lack of appetite.

Love is neither \. Love is a permanent state of joy. When you live in love, you are finally yourself. Inclusion Love will not put your clothes at the door in the middle of the night because you have gone without a job. She will not tell you to do it when you ask for help.

He will not pretend that muuulta work at work when you are sick. It will hold your hand not only when arranged and beautiful, you will turn heads on the street, but also when you have your nose and red eyes and you will smell the guturai. Your gutter will be hers. So is your every problem and joy, how big or small. .

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