10 steps for quality sex

10 steps for quality sex
10 steps for quality sex

Routine, lack of time, less attention to one's own body or everyday worries are just some of the factors that lead to the degradation of sexual life. The moment we come to feel and behave like two good friends, without sexual life and numbness, this can be a good signal for a marriage alarm or for our relationship. If we have come to surprise us more and more fantastically about our colleague or colleague, it is clear that the avalanche has started. Of course, we may have the impression that starting a different relationship or giving us momentous sexual opportunities can be happier. However, suppressing sexual desire, reducing moments of intimacy in the couple, allocating free time in favor of service, is the pattern that will be repeated in any future relationship, as long as we do not make a small effort to maintain harmony in the couple and have a life of . The psychotherapist Simona Grigore believes that a relationship can be brought back to life as long as the two partners do not forget what the things they once joined.

Here are, in the opinion of the specialist, the factors that can contribute to achieving satisfactory sexual life. We choose by mutual agreement a moment of the day in which we have enough time to talk about how we feel the connection between us here and now. We make sure that nothing in the daily does not disturb this interval in which we decide to bring us and our relationship into question. Often, we announce what we feel about sexuality in the couple through messages like Therefore, it is preferable to keep in mind the way we express ourselves, because we risk turning the conversation into a continual and upsetting horn (you! T! T!) To the partner. Thus, we will only have a defense or attack reaction from it and we will lose sight of the original goal.

The expression that we should use: We allocate daily 10 minutes of quality for the couple. Then there are hugs and comforts, without words. This time can be anytime, in the morning or in the evening, but it is very important to be part of the daily routine and the bodies to meet on a physical level, not necessarily verbal. The wearing is very important, and it starts from the way we comb, to body care, to the clothes we wear, both in the outdoor environment and at home. We will see that they create a certain state, both new and those around us.

Many times, when hearing these words, defense mechanisms lead us to say or think that we do not have enough time and mood to deal with it all. But what would we do? . Body care, both for women and men, is more than essential. An unpleasant body odor or clothes impregnated in the smell of food (from the time we cook together together) can never be attractive even if they have some basic reason. The underwear that we carry in all its splendor when we walk through the house or we dry it nicely with all the other things, or we leave it casually on the couch, is the death of passion.

A review in the specific drawer can be a great plus in the brilliance of each other's eyes. The calls we use in the couple have their meaning. When we cry or want to be heard in front of the person next to us, we often do not use names but affinities such as Of course, used with all love, they can position your partner in a very special posture. Often, a parent-child relationship is created between the two partners. This can bring extra emotional comfort.

At the same time, neuropsychology teaches that repetitive behavior often enough can create neural synapses in the brain, and in this way the perception of a certain action can change. If I have the feeling that my partner is so cute and I call him chicken, in time, this baby will not come to touch it in a sexual way. It is also true that the two partners use Explaining the affection through statements and gestures of affection, calling the partner in his name, the long or short form, can bring the adult personality back into the relationship, and with an adult you can have normal sex pulses. We allocate weekly an hour only for meeting the couple, we ensure that there is no other disturbing factor and we are careful not to cancel or postpone it. Knowing that there is this established meeting helps us organize ourselves.

Our mind will work during the week in such a way that we are physically and mentally present there. In restoring intimacy in the couple can contribute complicity, meeting the meeting point, thoughts about the moment, where we need to do nothing but pure . Touching bodies is a key factor in awakening sexuality, and one of the simplest is mutual massage. Of course, we are not talking about a type of professional massage, but simply how we can explore the partner's body by touch, using an oil or cream with a pleasant smell for both partners. From this moment we leave what comes to happen.

The miracle is in us, we just have to access it. Individual or couple psychotherapy can be a considerable support in this respect, .

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