Essential oils and benefits for improving ADHD in children

Essential oils and benefits for improving ADHD in children
Essential oils and benefits for improving ADHD in children

About ADHD is often written in the literature, constantly seeking treatments to keep symptoms under control or to find causes. There are a few treatments that can hinder the symptoms of ADHD, inexpensive and risk-free - the essential oils! . What are essential oils? . The term Aristotle considered that besides the four physical elements (fire, air, earth and water), there was a fifth element, the quintessence. It was considered the Today, essential oils containing complex mixtures of beneficial chemicals in plants are extracted by two primary methods: distillation, which has been used since ancient times; . Essential Oils Can Improve Symptoms Of ADHD Syndrome Research by Dr.

Terry S. Friedmann, a well-known physician who firmly believes in a unit of body, mind and spirit and treating everyone as a whole, has shown that vetiver oil (vetiver is a type of Indian grass) has been beneficial for children with ADHD. When children inhaled the oil three times a day for 30 days, they improved their patterns and behaviors, and managed to focus their attention and achieve remarkably better results at school. 80% of children have also improved their symptoms when using cedar oil. Essential cedar oil has been chosen for study because it has a high concentration of sesquiterpen (which significantly improves the oxygenation of brain cells).

Improving brain activity has been highlighted by electro-encephalograph (EEG), which measures electrical impulses that move through the brain. This allowed researchers to determine whether the children's brains functioned primarily in a beta (ie alert) state or in a theft (lack of focus). Vetiver essential oil can improve alertness A recent study published in the Journal of Intercultural Ethno-Pharmacology has also shown that essential vetiver oil has a special implication in ADHD. Studies in animals have shown changes in brain activity suggesting increased alertness, while human subjects have shown faster response times and stimulation of sympathetic nerve activity after inhalation. Rosemary, lavender and other essential oils Beyond vetiver and cedar wood, essential oil of rosemary has also shown that it also plays a vital role in increasing cognitive performance.

When the participants in the study completed the tasks in a cabinet where there was a rosemary essential oil flavor, their performance improved both in terms of speed and accuracy. Essential oils of lavender, on the other hand, are best known for their sedative properties. Some people with ADHD have trouble sleeping, and essential lavender oil has been found to be the most beneficial for improving sleep. Other essential oils that can alleviate the various symptoms of ADHD include peppermint oil to improve alertness as well: • Ylang ylang, known for its relaxing properties • Incense appreciated to induce feelings of mental and calm peace • Bergamot, which can help reduce . Placing three to four drops of oil in a loudspeaker is one of the simplest methods, although some of the studies on essential oils for ADHD have involved participants ingesting the smell directly from the glass (two or three deep breaths) three times .

You can also try inhaling the steam by placing three to seven drops of essential oil in boiling water, then covering the head with a towel and breathing through the nose (keep your eyes closed and be careful not to burn). To use topical oils, first make a test to make sure it does not irritate your skin (apply a drop on your skin and notice it for one to two hours). The oil should be applied very easily to the neck, wrists and / or behind the ears. You can mix them with an ordinary oil such as coconut oil or olives. .

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