How is Heimlich maneuvering correctly?

How is Heimlich maneuvering correctly?
How is Heimlich maneuvering correctly?

- Have the patient stand up. - Position yourself behind it. - Put your arms around the person between the navel and the stern, overlapping your fists. - Apply abdominal compression abruptly and deeply to the upper abdomen. Perform such abdominal compressions until the obstructed object is expelled, and the patient can breathe or cope alone. - If the maneuver does not work after 5-6 abdominal compressions, and the person loses consciousness, place it on a straight plan and start.

Apply deep and sudden compressions on the upper abdomen, from bottom to top. Heimlich Maneuver in a Pregnant Woman - In pregnant women, you need to position your hands a little higher on the trunk, between the breasts to protect the fetus. - Apply repetitive, sharp, bottom-up compressions. - Compression continues until the foreign body blocked on the airway is removed. Heimlich Maneuver to a Child If the suffocating person is younger than 1 year, you should take other measures: - Place yourself on a chair and keep the baby face down on the forearm.

The forearm should be supported on the thigh. - Hit it with the palm of your hand between the shoulders five times. - If the maneuver does not work, position the child upside down on your forearm, but keep its head below the trunk. - Place two fingers in the center of the chest and perform five fast chest compressions. - Repeat the back strokes and compressions on the chest until the object is expelled and the child can breathe or alone.

Heimlich maneuver at your own personTechnics can be applied personally if you suffocate. - Hold your palms one over the other and place them on top of your navel. - Push in and up at the same time. Perform five such abdominal compressions. - Repeat until the object is expelled and you can breathe or cough yourself.


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