Impact of heat on people with cardiovascular disease

Impact of heat on people with cardiovascular disease
Impact of heat on people with cardiovascular disease

Angina - because of increased oxygen consumption in the heart muscle, at high temperatures angina attacks may occur. These intensities of angina symptoms occur as a result of the increased effort that the body puts out in high temperature days. These episodes give up on rest or on sublingual administration. Heart failure - the heart of people diagnosed with heart failure is not able to pump enough blood to keep body temperature low enough. As a result, the body may overheat and the result may be fatal. Vascular damage - Loss of too much fluid in the body leads to dehydration.

As a result, blood becomes more viscous and increases the risk of thrombus formation, which causes it. On the other hand, extreme heat causes a stress on the body and leads to increased blood pressure, which can weaken to breaking diseased vessels. - - tachycardia - dizziness and nausea - palpitations - fainting - - angina pectoris - - weakness - dark urine. - Hydrate by drinking plenty of water or any other unsweetened drinks. People who have been advised to limit the intake of liquids for medical reasons should discuss with their doctor.

- Limit the consumption of caffeine as much as possible. Caffeine-based beverages cause fluid loss in the body, resulting in dehydration. - Eat cold foods, especially salads and fruits with high water content. - Ensure an optimal temperature in the home. The recommended temperature is 22-24 degrees Celsius.

During the day, keep the windows closed, and in the evening, when the temperatures diminish, ventilate the rooms. - Not to be exposed to direct beating, to choose the shaded areas when moving and to avoid leaving the house between 11: 00-15: 00. - To wear light clothes from and always have his head covered with a hat. - To wear shoes that provide ventilation and socks that reject sweat. - Limit the level of effort to the maximum and make regular breaks.


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