Inspiring women.

Inspiring women.
Inspiring women.

Firefighters, police officers or doctors are the professions that many of us dreamed of as children. For Andrea Axenti, the dream became reality. She is a third-year student at the Technical University of Moldova, majoring in Fire Engineering and Civil Protection and works as a senior non-commissioned officer of the intervention assurance section within the Regional Search and Rescue Directorate in Chisinau. The young woman told us about her experience at the Republican Training Center and the charm of working as a rescuer and firefighter. On International Women's Day, #diez tells you the stories of girls and women who are developing careers in fields of activity considered stereotypical in our male society. You will find out what inspires them, what challenges they face and how their workplace brings them professional satisfaction.

I spoke with Andrea on the eve of March 8. He told us that this year is very different from last year. Rescuers set up tents and beds for refugees from Ukraine who were to be transported to Chisinau or other regions of the country to receive aid. According to the young woman, working with refugees was an emotional challenge for many rescuers. I was trying to create a state of comfort at least for a short period, Source: Andrea Axenti/personal archive The desire to save everyone comes from childhood.

Andrea stated that during her school years she was sure she wanted to work in the structure and worked daily to achieve the desired goal. It is a noble profession, which inspires a lot of motivation. It includes everything, love of country, character and strength, will and discipline, initiative and patience. It makes you constantly work on yourself and aim for something new. The more difficult it is, the greater the motivation, Over the years, the aspiration to become a firefighter has not gone away.

Andrea studied at the College of Ecology and says she did the practical classes in the fire brigades. There she understood that difficult tasks and adrenaline motivate her to work even harder. Sports career Discipline and endurance are two essential qualities in firefighter work, qualities that Andrea has developed since childhood by practicing sports. She has been a member of the Karate Federation of the Republic of Moldova for 14 years and holds a black belt, first dan, and the best result obtained is the bronze medal at the World Karate Championship. Source: Andrea Axenti/personal archive I got used to this environment and that's why I feel very comfortable at work.

That formed my character. I practiced karate and went abroad every month. It was not easy, because neither my parents nor the federation could afford to support me financially. I was going to international competitions, because there were not enough women in my category in the Republic of Moldova. If you want to grow and have better places, you have to compete with the best, but if I'm the strongest in the republic, I have no way to develop.

I was the champion of the country for more than six years in a row, this meant that I had nowhere to grow and I was participating in competitions abroad Currently, Andrea wants to pass on the knowledge gained by coaching new generations of athletes. She aspires to become a qualified coach and for that she is studying at the State University of Physical Education and Sports. Academic background Even though she is a firefighter with proper documents, Andrea has not yet gone on her first mission. She mentioned that she is still studying and participating in all the training activities for firefighters, as the interventions involve a major risk and you need to have the highest level of training. Any career begins with studies.

The young woman clarifies that it is important to get a university education if you want to advance in your position and have prospects for career growth. We don't just teach strictly what is related to firefighting. We have objects that are related to geodesy, construction architecture, earth mechanics. There is diversity. If you want to be a good specialist, you have to know from different fields, to be able to correctly determine the cause of the fire, Source: Andrea Axenti/personal archive At the same time, all people who want to act as firefighters must obtain a certificate from the Republican Training Center.

Andrea studied at the Republican Training Center for half a year. She reported that getting her graduation certificate was the most memorable moment and the training period was a real challenge. We are trained by the best trainers. We learned how to intervene in dangerous areas, how to use the equipment provided and insulating devices with compressed air. One of the practical exercises takes place in a special container, where the temperature in the hearth exceeds 800 °C.

If you have vision problems or serious health problems, you cannot go to the interventions and you cannot advance to the position. Medical control is a very strict stage and people sometimes try to pass the control several times. According to the young woman, stability and emotional health are of major importance. That's exactly why, at the end, you have to pass the control to the psychologist. Physical fitness doesn't matter to employers, but without fitness you can't handle complicated assignments.

The equipment that firefighters wear weighs 30 kilograms and without good training you cannot handle the intervention. The most important thing is to be disciplined. If you don't have discipline, you won't last because the regime is strict. In addition to missions and interventions, there is household work, development courses, and you have to succeed in all of them, Stereotypes Andrea Axenti mentioned that she is really lucky, and this is because, since she was little until now, she has never faced discrimination based on gender and never heard of stereotypes. Source: Andrea Axenti/personal archive I was always helped when needed.

It doesn't matter the gender of the person incorporating, it's their qualities that matter. I feel lucky to work in a group where I always receive support when I need it. We have a team that is like a family. If I go on vacation, I look forward to going to work. ” The advantages and disadvantages of working as a firefighter Andrea listed the following advantages: # social package; # prospects for advancement; # courses both within the country and abroad; # salary while increasing depending on the position; # annual leave of 35 .

For Andrea, the biggest advantage is the diversity of activities and adrenaline. I'm never bored at work. I like what I do. ” The young woman says that she likes the field in which she works so much that she does not see any disadvantages. She mentions that many people would be scared of the risks, the dangers and the need to always stay organized.

The need to inspire other women Last year, Andrea participated in the competitions organized in memory of deceased rescuers and firefighters. Never in the history of the Republic of Moldova has a woman participated in these competitions. The young woman competed with the men in the same events. She says she made this effort because she wants to inspire women. It was important for me to participate in this competition, considering that I would like to have girls participate next year.

Maybe there's another young lady out there who could attend. I would like to make a girls' team, let's go to international championships like the boys go. I don't want to be just me. I just started. I am waiting for other women to join and together we can topple mountains.

” Source: Andrea Axenti/personal archive In addition to competitions, Andrea works with young people and organizes activities through which she educates and informs them. I inform them about the activity of IGSU. Now, in March, I had a training lesson with over 20 young people. I want to organize as many activities as possible in different educational institutions. No one is insured and we must know how to act in risky situations.

We carried out intervention simulations, because we wanted young people to be aware of the responsibility of the profession. I want to motivate and inspire young people. I don't lie and I'm not fake, I love my job. ” Recommendations for young women Andrea wants all young women who want to become firefighters to be brave and persistent. When you love your profession, you can achieve a lot.

Difficulties are faced with fortitude and build your character. ” The most important thing that Andrea emphasizes is that results are achieved through hard work from childhood. .

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