It's summer, hot and sunny.

It's summer, hot and sunny.
It's summer, hot and sunny.

Summer is the season of the sun and especially of exposed skin. According to the standards still in force in most of the contemporary Instagrammable world, exposed skin must usually be waxed, including the groin and sometimes intimate, as dresses and bathing suits become increasingly . Hence all kinds of problems, because almost all of us have noticed over time how, sometimes, depilated skin looks even worse than the one with hair, due to minor skin accidents, cuts, inflammations, redness, pimples, folliculitis, ingrown hairs . As usual, nature also comes to your support. Don't worry, I won't offer you complex decoctions of herbs, contorted roots and the like. I am your friend, Eva Intima, and what I propose to you is a range of hair removal products with natural active ingredients, without artificial dyes and dermatologically tested, simple and pleasant to use for a modern woman.

Discover a range of products that are friendly to your skin!\n. Yes, Eva Intima also has solutions against these truly rebellious threads, which stubbornly hide and betray us, irritating the skin and traumatizing it in multiple and especially multiple unsightly ways. Because your friend Eva Intima knows that Bikini Body is not only a beautiful, worked, toned and impeccably waxed body, but especially a body with healthy skin!\n \n. Softens and hydrates the skin during the epilation process, protecting at the same time against the development of pathogenic microorganisms and inflammation. The active ingredients come from several dermocosmetic plants: aloe, chamomile, arnica, echinacea.

It is enriched with carefully selected plant extracts known for their antimicrobial action, such as azadirachta, thyme, rosemary and melaleuca, and chamomile, aloe and sage extracts, as well as glycyrrhizic acid (from the plant Glycyrrhiza Glabra) contribute to the calming process . Apply a sufficient amount to the area you want to epilate, after previously wetting it with a little water. After depilation, any foam residue is removed with plenty of water. EVA INTIMA® BIKINI BALM is a cream that cares and protects the skin after any type of hair removal. It provides a soothing and regenerating action thanks to its composition rich in plant extracts (chamomile, aloe, sage, calendula), in shea butter and provitamin B5 (panthenol) and at the same time protects against the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

Contains extracts of dermocosmetic plants with an anti-irritant protective role (mallow - Malva Vulgaris), antimicrobial (thyme - Thymus Vulgaris), antifungal (Hamamelis Virginiana, Azadirachta indica). It provides immediate relief to skin irritated by hair removal, regenerating the damaged area at the same time. It does not contain medicinal substances, synthetic colors and fragrances. After removing unwanted hair, apply a generous amount of EVA INTIMA® BIKINI BALM to the skin to soothe and protect it from irritation. The cream will absorb quickly and without traces.

For best results, repeat application every 4-6 hours. BIKINI INGROW is a lotion for the prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs after hair removal. Thanks to salicylic acid and fruit acids (AHA) it intensively exfoliates the skin, thus reducing the growth of hairs under the skin, which in turn can lead to the appearance of inflammation. At the same time, its composition enriched in urea and aloe extract, keeps the skin soft and hydrated, while chamomile and arnica extracts soothe any irritated areas. Special keratolytic agents and exfoliants keep hair follicles open and prevent growing hairs from sticking under the skin layer; .

Does not contain dyes and fragrance. Put a small amount of EVA INTIMA® BIKINI INGROW on a makeup remover disk and apply to areas where hairs start to grow under the skin - or, as a precaution, immediately after waxing, to areas where you know that ingrown hairs usually appear. The lotion will be absorbed immediately, without traces, and for optimal results apply 3-4 times a day. EVA INTIMA® BIKINI INGROW can be used on any area of \u200b\u200bthe skin after any hair removal method. .

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