photo 16+ | .A Moldovan cyclist has traveled 11.

photo 16+ | .A Moldovan cyclist has traveled 11.
photo 16+ | .A Moldovan cyclist has traveled 11.

He is to become a veterinarian, but the desire to discover the world has made him leave his home for two months and start his journey through Europe with only 250 euros in his pocket and a bicycle. This is how the story of Vladislav Pushnei, the Moldovan who has traveled 11, begins. 200 km to demonstrate the strength of the human body. He pedalted 170 km per day and had to cope with temperatures ranging from +1 degrees north to +43 degrees in southern Europe. However, this trip helped him to see 16 countries and gain an incredible experience. Moreover, besides pleasant memories, the young man also gathered a series of nude shots that signify I was at the limit of the continent.

There was no longer anywhere to go by bicycle, there was no more dry land, just the ocean's immense. And then I lived the feeling that was breathtaking, that I came to the end of the world, For two months, Vladislav traveled and lived through the mercy of the strangers who demanded water, food, and shelter, and eight times he was admitted to the house by our countrymen, settled abroad. However, the adventure could not be completed unless a few more unpleasant cases occurred, including the fact that the bicycle had been damaged several times, and two weeks, from Sweden to France, had to pedestrize only one foot . Pain started in Sweden and ended in France. That distance I did basically only with my left foot.

Because of the pain I did a break, the only break of the trip. I stopped in Berlin for a day, and there I was a Moldovan family, Now, the young man became the first Moldovan who reached the extreme northern point of Europe and the extreme western, on two wheels, about this experience going to write a book. In the meantime, you can see the travel pictures below, and more details can be found on Anna Smolnitchi's blog. Photo: annasmolnitchi. wordpress.


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