Sexual life at 20, 30, 40 or 50 years.

Sexual life at 20, 30, 40 or 50 years.
Sexual life at 20, 30, 40 or 50 years.

Sexual behavior primarily involves character, temperament, culture and education, erotic experience, the number and general characteristics of former partners. Then it is also important if the person has fulfilled or does not have certain fantasies, if he / she has a partner open to new experiences, and only then his / her age. But if we want to extrapolate all the other factors and take only age into account, we can highlight certain behaviors that may be related to that too, But these are just elements that can not define everyone, it's just a generalization, At 30, the first signs of erotic but also sentimental maturity may appear. Sometimes, the biological clock tickles, the fear of having no time to give birth to a child can make a woman want a stable partner with whom to build a family. Unfortunately, most men mature after 40 years. Because they do not leave their mother, friends, or because they are in the full build of their careers and have no time or pleasure to conceive at the family, thinking that they always have to think about it later.

Now they want to prove they can reach a certain level of material, social, intellectual, Even at age 30, many couples, formed by more or fewer years, divorce. This happens because the woman can not bear the exaggerated intercourse of the mother-in-law, because she no longer wants to postpone the pregnancy. or because he has come to the conclusion that he can not separate him from friends. Also, career toxicity also requires the price. Excessively spent work, trainings, team-building, endless sessions, or too young and too bold colleagues are once again a strife between the two, which often leads to divorce.

Sexual fantasies can be another factor contributing to separation. After 40 years we are already talking about maturing. The only ones who realize that it would be the case to start a family. Some couples are on the brink of neurosis because they have been tired of the difficulties they have encountered in raising children or not having a discussion partner, The age of 40 comes with a maturity, responsibility, but also a state of irrationality. At 50, the hormonal level is lower, and this is seen in general behavior.

People tend to be more quiet or on the contrary, traumatized by the experiences so far, irritable and difficult to understand or satisfied, In long-time couples, eroticism is low, and often affective communication is quite erratic. It's a little simpler for men. Many want to prove that they still can, so they use their guns conquered to this age: the money, the power, the fame, the way to communicate. Others succumb to a melancholy that can easily become depressive syndrome, After 60 years, the erotic side seems to be the prestige of men who have achieved something from a financial or social perspective and For most of the women, the eros seems to be a long story, preferring to enjoy children or grandchildren. And just sporadic partner.

But if you want a sexually fulfilled life, do not forget to communicate in time what you want. To conquer, not to claim from your partner what you think he is doing. Have the patience to receive what you plant. But be also careful about what the partner wants. Because it is very important to receive, but more than that, it is extremely important to offer, .

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