Stress: the main factors of stress, how does our health and sexual life affect us

Stress: the main factors of stress, how does our health and sexual life affect us
Stress: the main factors of stress, how does our health and sexual life affect us

Stress has become the main enemy of our lives. We hit him at work, in intimate life, in the relationship with others. It makes us fight with us, with our own fears. When someone else does everything for us, we do not think that we'll ever get to do something ourselves. After marriage, both men and women realize that there is no one around them to help them. The more subjects are protected from the rhythm and the responsibilities of life, the harder it will be to get used to, Headaches, dizziness and vomiting, hair and teeth fall, lack of erection, lack of orgasm.

What, in fact, is stress? . When you do not understand what you have to do or when, for personal reasons, you do not want to respect anything you have to do, the inner conflict. Some subjects do so: I say I do not understand a task, instead of realizing it and doing it. Why? . There are so many stressors that you do not even know which one to list, but especially in what order, The more unadjusted the subject is, the more emotion is felt in his life.

The essential word in the life of the subject struggling with stress is ADAPTATION. What would be the individual's reactions to a major source of stress? . First we have the mother who lost her teeth and hair in the first week after birth. The subject felt he was not ready for life with a child, and the body succumbed. In second place we have a daddy who weakened 35 kg in 40 days, reaching the hospital.

Stress made him lose 800 grams every day. The subject admitted that he could not secure the family's livelihood. The third place is the grandmother who forgot to speak, being forced to recruit specialists for recovery. The subject admitted that she was aware of her age and could not accept that she was old, The major sources of stress cause inner struggles and reactions that you do not even think about. Can a stressed individual have a successful career or a sex life to please him? .

Psychotherapy is the one that helps most the unadjusted subject. Together with the psychotherapist, the subject learns where he is behind and how he can re-establish the path of life. Stress can also decline significantly and sexual manifestations. Obviously, the first attempts at sexual intercourse are a total failure. Subsequently, after consuming them, with patience and understanding, the stressed subject can perform.

Here are two examples: The man who can not get the erection and the woman who can not reach orgasm. In both cases, the lack of relaxation is the culprit. And in these cases, the psychologist is the missing piece in the emotional puzzle of the subject, .

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