The most toxic E food

The most toxic E food
The most toxic E food

E102 - tartrazine. It is a highly water-soluble azoic synthetic dye. It is used to color beverages, sweets, jams, cereals, mustard, packed soups etc. . It has been scientifically proven that this additive causes hyperactivity in children. It has also been associated with seizures, as it is known as a histamine release agent.

Can cause, depression, chromosomal destruction, rhinitis and urticaria, anxiety. E122 - carmoizin. It is used as a synthetic dye agent in food and beverages as well as in. It is very soluble in water and is used in beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, in processed meat products, sweets etc. .

Medical forums recommend that E122 should not be used in infant and baby products due to recognized toxic potential. Because it is a histamine releasing agent, it can increase the symptoms of asthma. It also favors hyperactivity in children, causes fluid retention and allergic persons to aspirin. E129 - allura red. It is an additive of the azotic synthetic coloring category.

This gives the food and drinks the red color. It is found in preserved products of vegetables or fruits, in desserts, in beverages, in melted cheese, sauces, mustard, in dietary supplements, but also in cosmetics. This dye can cause intolerance in people who are sensitive to salicylates. It can also increase the symptoms of asthma and may promote hyperactivity in children. When present in high quantities, one of its decomposition products may result.

E110 - golden yellow. It is a synthetic azoic dye that generally gives the sweets and drinks the yellow color. This food additive enrolls in the series of potentially carcinogenic ones that can cause, but also chromosome damage, taste perception dysfunctions, muscle spasms and blockage of digestive enzymes. It also causes hyperactivity in children, and asthma sufferers can increase their symptoms. .

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