They are caused by exposure to air conditioning

They are caused by exposure to air conditioning
They are caused by exposure to air conditioning

Legionella-induced infections are acquired exclusively from external environmental sources and the main mode of transmission of the infection is the inhalation of contaminated water aerosols. Legionella infections can also take various clinical forms: from asymptomatic cases to severe forms of disease, pulmonary or extrapulmonary, sometimes lethal. Affected can be older people, smokers, those who have other collateral affections. occurs more frequently in immunocompromised individuals and is characterized by a progressive progression that in the absence of treatment can be extended to several pulmonary lobes. The disease suddenly begins and manifests itself with chills, breathing disorders, and coughing. The incubation period is between 2-10 days.

More serious is that this infection also has extrapulmonary manifestations of infection with Legionella pneumophila are rare, being mainly represented by endocarditis or wound infections. The disease is treated by the physician, otherwise it is extremely dangerous for the body. Sinusitis, another complication Another problem with air conditioning is that of sinuses. They are quite vulnerable to inflammation, infections and irritants. So if you have sinus problems, you can use a nasal spray that contains salt solution and that will help you not excessively dry the skin.

In conclusion, it is advisable to take care of the air conditioner, to be in optimal operating condition, cleaned periodically and the best temperature to set it is 24 degrees Celsius. .

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