What are the most suitable types of cardiac exercise?

What are the most suitable types of cardiac exercise?
What are the most suitable types of cardiac exercise?

Start slowly - the first exercise groups should not last longer than 5 minutes. The body has to adapt easily, easily to new physical activities, as the heart is intensely demanded during these. Do the Healing - Always do a few light exercises to warm your muscles and prepare the heart for the effort. Rest - Take breaks if you feel tired. The gate during the exercises. Hydrate - it is very important to drink fluids during exercise.

Take your pulse - check your pulse after every set of exercises. you can take it by pressing your fingers with two fingers. Walking - Walking is enjoyable, safe and light. You can take a stroll while you go to work, when you go to the shop or you can walk in the evening, around the neighborhood. Climbing Stairs - To get the maximum benefit for heart health from any aerobic exercise, try to reach between 50 and 85% of your maximum heart rate.

Climbing the stairs is an easy way to move. Cycling - training your leg muscles is an excellent exercise for your heart. You can choose a medical bike or a city bike. The pedal at home is very convenient, especially because it can be done at any time and any season. Swimming - is one of the best aerobic exercises.

Two and a half hours a week offers plenty of health benefits. Another advantage is given by the fact that swimming forces less bone and joints. This can be particularly beneficial in overweight or suffering people. Bandwidth - allows you to control the pace of your movements and monitor the speed and distance traveled. This type of exercise can be done anytime, but it is especially recommended in the morning and in the evening.

Dance - you need a comfortable shoe, space and great music. Monitor heart beats during dance. It must not exceed 135 beats per minute. Society dances but also zumba are very suitable for heart patients. If exercise puts too much pressure on the heart, pain and other symptoms may occur, such as: - Dizziness - Chest pain - Irregular heartbeat - Nausea - Numbness in the arms -.


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