Check the refrigerator search for tastes?

Check the refrigerator search for tastes?
Check the refrigerator   search for tastes?

We often open the refrigerator with the thought of tasting something, but in some cases we are absolutely sure that we want to eat something salty, sweet or sour. Most often, appetites are only signs of the body trying to tell us that we are lacking in certain vitamins or minerals. So, we present below the most common appetites and their significance, according to the international press: Sweet appetite . The body will react and ask you to eat sweets to restore normal blood sugar. But the desserts will only give you energy for a short time, after which the need for sugar will return, and you will enter a vicious le. You can replace sweets with fresh fruit.

They contain natural sugars, which are gradually released into the blood. Salty appetite If you can not resist without a bag of pretzels or chips, it means that you are going through a stressful period. The adrenal glands are more secretive of cortisol, also called stress hormone. Instead of refreshing yourself in salty foods, replace them with some vitamin C-rich foods such as citrus fruits or green vegetables. They also provide minerals that ensure proper functioning of the glands.

Sour craving Have you ever been angry with pickled cucumbers, corcodus or salad with vinegar? . To restore balance, you need green lettuce, raw vegetables, green or orange fruits, cruciferous vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, jelly, cauliflower, celery and red beetroot. Chocolate Lust When you do not resist without a chocolate chip, it means you have a magnesium deficiency. Chocolate is rich in this mineral, which plays an essential role in maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels and in the supply of energy. You can still enjoy the chocolate taste as long as you do not exceed two pieces per day and replace chocolate with milk or other flavors with black.

Other healthy sources of magnesium are pumpkin seeds and bananas. Lavish Drinking You asked yourself why you want acidified juices? . Avoid such juices because they contain caffeine and sugar that actually contribute to dehydration. You can, in turn, drink mineral water, preferably carbonated, rich in mineral substances. Fast-food appetite Whether it's french fries, hamburgers or pizza, the appetite for fast-food can be a clue that you do not eat foods that contain enough fatty acids.

They can also be taken from healthier sources such as fatty fish, walnuts or flaxseeds. And the lust for cheese indicates the same deficiency of fatty acids. In many cases, constant lust or hunger masks the thirst. So, drink a glass of water and wait for 10 minutes before you eat something. .

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