Habits that can destroy your sight

Habits that can destroy your sight
Habits that can destroy your sight

Many of the daily habits pose a threat to the health of vision. These include: Eye drops abuse As with any medicine, eye drops should never be used without a prescription. Ophthalmic anti-inflammatory drops are designed to treat eye infections () or other conditions. In case of use of eye drops with expired term, they may decrease the ability of the eye to fight infections. Also, excessive use of ocular vasoconstrictive drops, those that \. Improper care of contact lensesMost of problems occur when the hands are not well cleaned before applying or removing them.

After each use of the contact lenses, they must be stored in a special, fresh solution. A contact lens shower should also be avoided to prevent infections that may be complicated leading to loss of vision. Lack of use of sun glassesFrequency and long exposure to noxes are subject to the risk of burns, cancer, cataracts, pinguecula and pterygium. It is advisable to invest in sunglasses with 100% UV absorption lenses. Smoking Smoking increases considerably the risk of developing serious eye conditions that can lead to total and irreversible vision loss.

Affections include macular degeneration, uveitis, and. Eyelash is a reflex gesture that most tired people do, but the skin around the eyes is delicate, and by strong pressing, the small blood vessels on the surface of the skin can break. There may also be a keratoconus disease, a degenerative eye disease, characterized by thinning of the cornea and its deformation. This can cause, which can not always be corrected by glasses or contact lenses. Insufficient sleep In the absence of sleep, eyes become red, they become dry and the eyes become blurred.

Some patients claim a. At least 7 hours of sleep per night are recommended. Phone and computerExposure, especially at night, to blue light that is emitted at large levels of phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices with LED-based screens may damage view. Make-up Sharing increases the risk of conjunctivitis. Also, using make-ups older than three years can lead to infections.

People who do not remove their makeup in the evening before bed can suffer blockages of the tear glands, which will lead to eye irritation. - Close your eyes and cover them with your palms for 1-2 minutes. - Look for 2 minutes at the farthest point of the room. - Rip several times the palms of one another, then place them in the eye without pressing. Keep them for 1 minute.

- Close your eyes and gently massage the eyelids with circular movements. .

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