History of Nostradamus.

History of Nostradamus.
History of Nostradamus.

Nostradamus is certainly one of the most famous personalities in history. His notoriety comes from his famous prophecies and predictions. Beyond astrology, Nostradamus was a famous physician, cabalist (an esoteric method, discipline and school of thought originating in Judaism) and French pharmacist. Today, December 14, Michel de Nostredame would have turned 517 years old, and on this occasion, we present below some historical prophecies of his that came true. Surely everyone has heard of Nostradamus. A medieval character famous for his ability to divine, through scientific methods, events from a distant future.

The prophecies of Nostradamus, written about 500 years ago, are still ulating around the world today. The first bestseller of the 1555s was Nostradamus' book The Frenchman's book was viewed with skepticism, but after his first prophecy about the death of King Henry II of France, it brought him fame as a Seer of the Future. A Gifted Physician and Miraculous Cures for the Cruelest Epidemic The young Michel de Nostradame was not initially attracted to astrology, nor was he known for his talent as a soothsayer. . But he was a doctor of the time, quite well-known and appreciated.

Although he was a follower of Kabbalah (an esoteric method, discipline and school of thought originating in Judaism), Nostradamus declared himself, in the eyes of the world, a convinced Christian. Just to be admitted to the University of Avignon, to study medicine. After a single year of studies, he is forced to give up because of the outbreak of the bubonic plague. The university closed its doors, and Nostradamus left to find a purpose. He worked as a pharmacist and traveled, for eight years, almost throughout Europe affected by the plague.

His medical activity brought him extraordinary notoriety. Moreover, his methods were also revolutionary for that time. He didn't take blood from the sick, he didn't use mercury, practices used by the doctors of the time, which actually weakened the body even more, hastening death. Instead, Nostradamus developed a progressive and medically correct method to fight the plague, a disease that had no known cure. .

More precisely, Nostradamus insisted on strict hygiene, both in homes and in the body, he demanded the removal of corpses from the streets as quickly as possible, but also on a diet based on foods with a low fat content. In addition, he created a compound from rose hips, rich in vitamin C, which he administered to patients. In the cases of those suffering from early forms of the disease, Nostradamus' treatment worked wonders. Prophecies In a short time, Nostradamus began to publish his prophecies and visions. In 1550 he wrote his first almanac with astrological information and forecasts for the following year.

These small books became very popular among the urban population, but also among the farmers. Nostradamus was becoming an increasingly famous soothsayer and astrologer. Obviously, he was encouraged to write more and more. By 1554 his many visions were included in books. However, Nostradamus dreamed of a large-scale work and planned to write 10 volumes, with 100 predictions over a period of 2000 years.

In 1555 he published his famous work, still famous today, It was an impressive collection of very long-term forecasts. To escape religious persecution and possible accusations of witchcraft, Nostradamus wrote these prophecies in the form of rhyming quatrains in a mixture of languages, such as Greek, Italian, Latin, Provençal. At the same time, Nostradamus escaped the accusations and even had a fairly good relationship with the Church. And this despite accusations of witchcraft or even mental alienation. In any case, Nostradamus became particularly famous in France.

The volume The predictions of Nostradamus, among the most spectacular examples gathered in the mentioned book, write the truth. history One of the prophecies that would have been fulfilled as predicted by Nostradamus, the great fire that consumed London in 1666, would have been found clearly in the words: The fire destroyed the homes of 70,000 of the 80,000 people who lived in the city at the time. #2. history lapse This is considered the quatrain through which Nostradamus would have announced the rise of Hitler and the fascination he exerted on the masses, but also the establishment of socialism in Eastern Europe. transilvania reporter Another important historical event announced by Nostradamus would have been the French Revolution of 1789.

[…] The guards will swim in blood, near the river Seine the ground will be bloody. The Bastille prison was destroyed by angry mobs, King Louis XVI being executed four years after the start of the revolution. #4. digifm. ro Including the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 would be found among the prophecies made by Nostradamus.

Two great stones will wage war for a long time. Then Arethusa will redden a new river. ” The “new city” would refer to New York, the two stones would be Christianity and Islam, and the twin towers (World Trade Center) destroyed by terrorists would be presented as the “center of the earth”. Nostradamus aroused admiration but also envy. Moreover, he was a controversial figure.

Nostradamus testified that his predictions are based on science. He said that he was able to predict the future based on calculations made according to the position of the stars and planets relative to the earth or other celestial bodies. .

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