How to reduce salt consumption?

How to reduce salt consumption?
How to reduce salt consumption?

One adult consumes an average of 3400 mg (3. 4 grams) of sodium per day, which is much higher than the recommended daily dose of 2300 mg. Below is a top 10 of the types of foods that contain more than 40% of the sodium you eat daily and some ideas to help you eat less salt. Bread (bakery products) This category is the first in the list not because it is particularly salty, as a slice of bread contains about 100-200 mg of sodium but because of the fact that we usually consume it . Instead of using bread at breakfast, you can try to consume a bowl made with only a salt tip. Also, make an effort to skip bread for dinner and choose instead a whole grain portion, such as barley, brown rice, or farro.

PizzaAll the essential ingredients in pizza (crust, sauce, cheese) contain very much salt. By adding processed meat such as pepperoni, the amount of sodium increases even more. You can make home-made pizzas using a pre-cooked full-leavened dough, with low salt pizza sauce and low-fat cheeses. Add peppers, or any other vegetables you like. SandwichesSuch as pizza, most sandwiches contain salt ingredients (bread, cheese, processed meat).

Choose instead to use vegetables such as tomatoes, and lettuce for sandwiches. Instead of the cheese add humus or slices of apple or banana. Processed meat (sausages) In this category we find ham, salami, bacon, sausage. They are rich not only in sodium chloride (salt) but also in sodium nitrate (preservative), which increases the total amount of sodium. It is recommended to cook your chicken breasts home, or if you want to add slices of meat to sandwiches.

SoupsAny varieties of canned soup contain up to 940 mg of sodium per serving. Look for choices for soup types that have low or low sodium content. When preparing the soup, try adding as much salt as is enough for the taste. Burritos and tacosPe as a pizza, these popular Mexican dishes combine a range of high salt content ingredients such as white flour tortilla, cheese, spicy and salty meat and legumes. Try using whole corn tortillas (each tortilla should not contain more than 5 mg of sodium) and fill with grilled or weak chicken.

If you use legumes from the can, choose those with a low sodium content. Salty Snacks and Spicy Snacks These are popcorn, biscuits, pretzels, pretzels and snacks mixes. Choose the versions of these snacks that have a low salt content. Chicken meat Chicken meat is one of the most popular protein sources, and is often prepared in commercial kitchens where a large amount of salt is added. The fried or roast chicken, which we find in our grocery stores or restaurants, contains almost 4 times more sodium than home cooked.

For this reason, it is recommended to cook the chicken instead of buying it, and season it with salt-free spice mixtures. Cheese The amount of sodium found in cheese varies greatly, even between the same types of cheese, so be sure to check the labels carefully. Feta and are among the finest varieties, while goat and ricotta cheese are the least salty. Try to eat cheesy cheese with low salt content or choose small amounts of hard cheese, such as parmesan or pecorino romano. Eggs and cholesterol An egg contains only 62 mg of sodium, so this category again makes reference to other ingredients and cooking methods.

For example, most egg sandwiches contain ham and cheese, which in turn can contain large amounts of salt, and also often contain cheese, ham and bacon. Instead, you can try to boil eggs and create your own sandwiches. .

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